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Thames Gateway (2002-ongoing)


Panoramic photographs (90 to 130 degrees angle of view) which explore the landscape of the area to the east of London known as the Thames Gateway and currently undergoing wholesale development – the largest such project in Europe.

Much of its former industry, mainly centred on the river and largely worked-out minerals, has disappeared and is being replaced by new housing, shopping centres and distribution industries based on its motorway links, the new Channel Tunnel rail link and the containerised docks.

The area is also at an increasing risk from flooding as sea levels rise and our climate becomes less predictable with global warming.

Peter Marshall:

Thames Gateway


Thames Gateway (Essex)
Thames Gateway (Kent)
Wider London

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Thames Gateway:  (C) 2006, Peter Marshall
Chafford Hundred, #3, 2004

Thames Gateway:  (C) 2006, Peter Marshall
Dagenham #1, 2004

Thames Gateway:  (C) 2006, Peter Marshall
Dagenham #2, 2004

Dagenham #1, 2004
Dagenham #3, 2004

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