urban landscapes

This site is run by Peter Marshall and Mike Seaborne, both London based photographers who work in the urban landscape, and is dedicated to the exploration of urban landscape photography. We intend to feature the best in photography and critical writing on the urban landscape from around the world.




We welcome critical essays on urban landscape and small bodies of urban landscape work by photographers, although we are unable to offer any payment.

Essays should generally be under 5000 words, and you should have copyright clearance for any illustrations that are to appear with your text, or supply links to images on other sites on the web. You may wish to discuss any essay with us before emailing any work.

Bodies of work should represent a substantial urban landscape project, and will normally be shown on the site as around 10-20 images accompanied by a short text, including your contact details for sales and other enquiries.

Images will be displayed as jpegs, and should be roughly 400 x 600 pixels or slightly larger (or equivalent area if panoramic) and medium quality. Please contact us and send a proposal with a few images before sending a whole set of work.

As the site grows we hope to set up a small group of photographers and critics to appraise contributions in order to maintain high standards of work.